The studio is small (8 mats) and the room is heated to 90 degrees. This heat will help you to deepen your practice by warming up your muscles so you can move into and through poses more fluidly. While it may sound daunting, most students LOVE the heat and prefer to practice yoga in a heated environment.

Because the class size is small, we are able to offer personalized instruction to all our students. We will offer modifications to help you take poses in a way that best suits your body and ability. Yoga is meant to be practiced to YOUR ability—we want you to feel comfortable in the studio from your very first class! Remember, yoga is always a practice—no one is doing it perfectly!

Our classes often begin or end with a minute or two of meditation as a way to presence ourselves on our mats. It is quick and enjoyable. Also, we OM at the beginning and end of class—it energizes the nervous system, builds a sense of community, and is fun!

Drop what you think you know about yoga!

Baptiste Yoga is for every BODY! You do not have to be flexible, athletic, “in shape” or a hippie to practice yoga! You just need to be open to the possibility of what yoga can be for you!



What to wear

Most people wear yoga pants and tank tops, but you can wear any comfortable clothing you can move freely in. The studio is heated to 90 degrees, so moisture wicking fabrics (most athletic clothes these days) can be helpful

What to bring:

  • Water or a sports beverage with electrolytes
  • Yoga Mat (we do have rental mats for $2 each)